Who Said that Quality and Speed Can’t Go Together?


Canam’s services were selected for the design, fabrication and installation of the entire building envelope of the warehouse space Coastal Forest Products located in Bow, New Hampshire.

The construction, 243,200 square feet (22,594 square meters) in size and with a vertical clearance of 32 feet, includes a two-story office space.

This time-lapse video allows you to see how the design-build approach and the Murox prefabricated wall system helped reduce the installation time frame by one month in order to finish the project before winter.

The success of this project is the result of the close collaboration of all partners, a goal that can be better achieved through the implementation of the design-build approach which offers several advantages:

  • Simplified communication between the client and the various stakeholders;
  • Minimizing risks and reducing overall costs;
  • The speed of execution and the overlap of the design and construction phases.

Discover the benefits of the design-build approach.