Stronger Together


Canam Buildings and Structure Fusion are proud to be partners in the Bretton Woods New Hampshire project, a ‘‘ski lodge’’ style hotel owned by the Omni Hotels & Resorts chain. This hotel, which is built on top of New Hampshire’s largest ski resort, has an area of 12,000 ft.2 (1,114.8 m2) and also includes a restaurant-bar.

Bretton Woods New Hampshire
Superb view from the top
Bretton Woods New Hampshire
Structure combining steel and wood

The project’s biggest challenge was to deliver the steel to the site located at the top of the mountain at 3,100 ft. (940 m) of elevation. Canam had to team up with an excavation company that uses heavy equipment. As the saying goes: ‘‘If the mountain will not come to you, you must go to the mountain!’’ 

The Canam driver delivered the materials at the foot of the mountain and had to leave the trailer, which was hooked to an army BMY 6×6 truck. At times during the ascent, this truck had to be pulled by a John Deere 548 skidder to reach the top.

Bretton Woods New Hampshire
BMY 6×6 truck
Bretton Woods New Hampshire
John Deere 548 Skidder

Canam supplied 130 tons of conventional steel structure and 28,000 ft.2 (2,601.3 m2) of steel deck for this project.