Technical Outsourcing

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Technical Outsourcing

Canam Buildings gives its customers the opportunity to increase their detailing production capability by offering the services of industrial detailers dedicated to working exclusively for them.

From its offices in Romania, India and North America, Canam Buildings  provides the services of highly skilled personnel assigned to a company under a one-year, renewable contract.

The customer manages Canam Buildings employees’ work from its offices abroad, while we handle matters related to staffing, infrastructure and administrative expenses.

Our customers are assured of a personalized service and a stable workforce operating from different time zones, allowing a continuous workflow.

Continuous workflow due to different time zones


Moreover, Canam Buildings ensures that the detailing teams master any detailing software and optimize their utilization to meet different industry needs. Our qualified staff will complement your in-house detailing team at a very competitive price.


  • Additional workforce
  • Continuous workflow due to different time zones
  • Business relationship over the long term vs. per project
  • Superior-quality 3D detailing service
  • Flexibility and adherence to schedules
  • Strict quality control
  • Close customer-detailers working relationship
  • Proven construction expertise
  • Standardized work methods
  • Exceptional customer service