Structural Building Systems

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Structural Building Systems

Hambro by Canam offers a complete
two to 30-storey multi-residential structural building system benefiting from the following:


  • Single-source design-build approach with EOR services
    From preconstruction to project handover
Hambro Guaranteed price icon
  • Guaranteed price
    Cost certainty in the early planning phases
Hambro Guaranteed start and completion erection dates icon
  • Guaranteed start and completion erection dates
    Use of LPS pull-planning and lean management techniques
Hambro Shorter overall schedule icon
  • Shorter overall schedule
    At least 20% less time compared to other construction solutions
Hambro Digital Technology icon
  • Digital Technology
    Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) process for enhanced design coordination with other trades, helping to solve possible clashes early
Hambro Project Management icon
  • Project Management
    Dedicated project management and site supervision
Hambro Lean and safe working environment icon
  • Lean and safe working environment on the job sites
    Safety is our culture


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Watch our video to learn more about our Hambro by Canam offer.



For Mid-Rise Buildings


For High-Rise Buildings


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Design-build solutions through Canam’s collaborative approach

From preconstruction to project handover

Imagine how simpler your project can be when collaborating with only one partner! By getting involved at the early stages of your project, we are able to provide you with value engineering and know-how that we have gained over the past 60 years.

  • Shorter project schedules by at least 20% with pull-planning using Last Planner System (LPS).
  • Overlapping design and construction phases helps minimize risks.
  • A team of expert drafters, engineers and project managers to ensure seamless coordination.
  • Better understanding of the unique needs of your project design and construction.
  • Use of digital technologies — Building Information Modeling (BIM) process — to help you achieve optimal technical plans and drawings for an even more collaborative environment.


Learn how the design-build approach speeds up the schedule of your steel construction project.


Strong partnership

As part of the Canam Group since 1971, Hambro by Canam is a brand you can trust.

We guarantee you two things: no delays, no cost overruns.



Hambro composite floor system

  • The D500 floor system utilizes reusable plywood forms. The speed of installation of this system, mainly used on load-bearing wall construction allows it to be quickly accessible for other trades. 
    Learn more about D500.
  • The MD2000 composite floor system is ideal for multi-storey buildings consisting of conventional structural steel frame (beams and columns) as it enables the erection of multiple floors before pouring any concrete slabs, therefore protecting the pours from bad weather.
    Learn more about MD2000.
3d poutrelle Hambro



Transfer slabs

  • The Hambro transfer slab is used to transfer the loads from the structural building frame located above the slab to the columns, walls and foundations beneath it.
  • Our Hambro transfer slab is composed of Hambro joists (D500 or MD2000) and Hambro joist girders that work in composite action with the concrete slab. This system is supported by fire-resistant composite columns (steel/concrete).
  • This system is ideal for use atop underground parking levels and commercial spaces built in the scope of multi-residential or mixed-use projects.



Hambro panelized load-bearing steel stud walls

For two to 12-storey buildings

Load-bearing steel stud walls with Hambro floor system

  • Rapidly enclosed and insulated exterior envelope allows subsequent trades to start earlier
  • Faster structure completion since load-bearing walls account for a minimum of 50 to 70% of the building’s walls
  • Factory fabricated and assembled to ensure on-time delivery
steel stud wall Structural Building Systems Hambro 3d steel stud wall

Concrete shear walls, elevators and stairwell shafts

An option to accelerate the erection schedule for mid-rise projects is to use Hambro’s permanent steel form system for concrete shear walls, elevators and stairwell shafts.

The permanent steel form system is a seamless fit with the floor system and eliminates the need for additional trade on the job site.

3d shear wall shear wall


Structural steel component

For large open spaces and open-concept floor plans.

structural steel hambro Structural Building Systems


Flat, mansard or sloped roofs

We offer owners and developers varied roof types, such as flat, mansard, or sloped roofs to customize their designs.

flat roof mansard roof sloped roof



Canam has developed various balcony systems in order to eliminate cold bridging and improve overall thermal performance of the building.

cantilevered pre-cast balcony hambro by canam

Cantilevered pre-cast balcony

pre-cast balcony on columns hambro by canam

Pre-cast balcony on columns

cantilevered steel framed balcony hambro by canam

Cantilevered steel framed balcony

steel framed balcony on columns hambro by canam

Steel framed balcony on columns


Cast-in-place balcony

cable supportes balcony hambro by canam

Cable supported balcony

prefabricated aluminium balcony hambro by canam

Prefabricated aluminium balcony

3d balconie view
3d balconie structure  


Composite structural steel frame

For buildings of 10-storey or more

  • Increases speed of construction by 20-40%
  • Reduces loads on foundations by 50%
  • No shoring or reshoring required
  • Easy integration of HVAC systems


Standard and speciality open-web steel joists and steel deck

Open-web steel joists for roofs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and geometries are combined with steel deck to support insulating roof membranes.



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When you make a statement, when you make a budget or when you make a time commitment, you guys stick to it. One of the things that I find the owners are always saying in terms of meeting or going beyond expectations is the timing. You'll make a promise on how long it's going to take you to erect a building and it's always quicker than that time. On all the projects that we've worked on, it's never been Canam's fault for a delay. It's never been Canam's fault for extras. You exceed expectations because you meet the goals and promises that you make. And that's something that doesn't always happen in the construction industry. "
Ryan Munden, P.Eng., Partner, Cleland Jardine Engineering Ltd.
For most customers you deal with, it's absolutely about pricing - they'll kill you for 10 cents! While we do need fair and competitive pricing, what's the value of trust in the relationships we've built? And the integrity of what the senior management at Canam would do or would not do in the event that you run into something unforeseen? And that's given us a lot of comfort. So price is important. Yeah, it's the first step and it is significant, but it's not 100%.  "
Aurele Simourd, Chief Executive Officer, Sussex Retirement Living
They do more than just the engineering, but it's more than two plus two equals four. And it's all in the culture of this company [...] on an overall analysis of the project, I would give Canam’s performance on that site an A+. "
Joe Bova, Chief Executive Officer and Partner of Resolve Project Management and owner of the Delta Hotel in Thunder Bay, ReSolve Project Management Ltd.