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Manufacturing Activities

Fabrication of the different products marketed by Canam Group Inc. companies falls under the wing of the Manufacturing Division. The Corporation operates eight plants in Canada and the United States.

Together, these facilities have a total area of 1,640,095 ft.2 (150,170 m2) and a combined annual production capacity of 352,500 tons. Canam Group Inc. plants are among the most modern, safe and productive in the industry.

Reliability and Flexibility

Because product quality, jobsite management and timelines are critical factors in the execution of projects Canam Group’s reliability makes life easier for customers. At the drafting stage, our products stand out in terms of their exceptional quality.

No matter the project, our products comply with all current technical requirements and building codes. Our legendary flexibility manifests itself in the form of a rapid handling of all inquiries or last-minute changes.

Know-how and Commitment

Canam Group Inc. knows that the strength of its Manufacturing Division rests on the know-how and day-to-day commitment of its employees towards the pursuit of a better customer experience. This is why the Corporation strives to ensure that its teams share a common culture based on attitudes, values and good practices that foster its continuous improvement.

Canam Group is also committed to providing a workplace environment that respects all health and safety standards and promotes his employee well-being.

Canam Group Plants

Visit the section entitled Plants for more information on the size, production capacity and products fabricated at each Canam Group Inc. facility.

Consult the Contact Us section to obtain information regarding our plants.

Fabricated Products:

Available Services:

  • Steel erection
  • Painting and metallizing
  • Wood structure