Value-added engineering services

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Engineering: Innovation and efficiency

Canam Buildings relies on a solid team of engineers in design of steel joists and joist girders, steel deck, building structures and assembly engineering.

From the outset of any project, our engineers team up with our clients to combine their needs, realize their vision and provide value-added engineering services.

The solutions we develop are innovative, practical, technically sound and economical as possible, in both time and money.

Our engineering experts are recognized in the industry for their professional experience and their ability to provide advice or to find solutions to optimize the manufacturing process of products as well as the design and construction of buildings.

Our services include:

  • Custom design of steel components as well as composite action (steel-concrete)
  • Assembly engineering
  • Building design
  • Value engineering
  • Production and approval of shop drawings
  • Review of drawings
  • Project management

Canam Buildings engineers are supported in their work by a team of experienced drafters who create accurate plans, technical drawings or 3D models of each component to be manufactured and delivered, using the latest technological tools.

Get accurate data using our online tools

Canam Buildings has developed a wide range of interactive tools aimed at engineers to allow them to save time when designing their projects, and to accelerate the implementation and the completion of their work.

Recognized for their accuracy and ease of use, Canam Buildings engineering tools calculate, measure and plan various parameters related to your construction projects, including joists, joist girders and steel decks. These tools also help you to select the right Canam Buildings construction product.

We invite you to discover them here.