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Building Information Modeling

Canam Buildings has incorporated Building Information Modeling (BIM) in its service offering to better plan, design and construct building projects for its clients, regardless of their size or complexity. The construction world is rapidly evolving, obliging us to deliver durable and innovative infrastructures that meet increasingly constrained deadlines and budgets.

To be able to do so, years ago Canam Buildings implemented BIM technology, a solution that offers multiple benefits.

A solution that offers multiple benefits66

Collaborative Tool

Building Information Modeling, also known as BIM, consist in creating a multi-dimensional digital representation of all project parameters. This interactive tool integrates all the data necessary for the design, construction, life cycle and operation of the building into a single file.

It allows all partners – architects, engineers, owners, and general contractors – to work in close collaboration, simultaneously analyzing and sharing information and tracking the project in real time.


The method has several advantages:

  • Improved pre-construction estimation
  • More precise quantification of the different building components
  • Rapid and informed decision-making
  • More effective communication and improved collaboration among partners
  • Virtual overview of the construction sequence
  • Better coordination and reduced risk of errors in the plans and specifications
  • Fewer change requests and surprises on site in order to deliver on time and according to budget
  • Better construction tracking

Parametric objects

Incorporate Canam Buildings parametric objects in your future design projects

To facilitate the creation and design of your projects, we offer Canam Buildings products as BIM objects, downloadable from our library of parametric objects. These objects are compatible with the building design software Autodesk Revit.