Canam Roundtables: a First Positive Experience

Between mid-September and mid-October 2019, Canam executives, joists and steel deck, met with customers in Canada and the United States during a first series of Roundtable meetings to get the pulse of the industry.

A total of seven events took place in Western, Central, Eastern and Atlantic Provinces in Canada, as well as in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast in the United States.

These roundtable meetings brought together customers, Regional General Managers, Regional Sales Managers and a few Senior Managers from Canam. In some areas, a plant tour was part of the agenda for the day.

The main objectives of this meeting were to establish a partnership between Canam and industry leaders, develop a strong network and optimize relationships, find new ideas for improvement and solutions to move the industry forward. 

“Canam’s Roundtables provide an excellent forum for direct interaction between customers and Canam Regional teams, enabling the Regions and their customers to collaborate on strategies to take advantage of market dynamics”, said Tom Gilligan, President, Joists and Steel Deck, Canam.

The attending customers appreciated the experience. Here are a few comments:

“I appreciated the interaction between the customers and being witness of a growing relationship between Canam’s people and their customers, as well as the customers together.” 

“I liked the feeling of partnership, some great ideas thrown around the table to help improve efficiencies not only for Canam but, also for us as fabricators.” 

“The ability to meet others in the industry plus also meeting with Canam to discuss how we can better the industry was very interesting.” 

Eastern Canada – Atlantic Provinces
Eastern Canada – Quebec
Western Canada
Midwest in the United States
Southeast in the United States