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Whitney Museum of
American Art

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New York, NY, United States

Year of Construction



Banker Steel Company


Whitney Museum of American Art


Renzo Piano Building Workshop / Cooper, Robertson & Partners

General Contractor

Turner Construction, LLC

Steel Erector

JF Stearns Steel Erectors


Canam detailed and manufactured the Whitney Museum of American Art’s steel deck, which consisted of a complex layout of composite floor deck (Lok-floor) and associated gauge metal accessories, for this nine-floor building project.

The detailing involved working with a combination of primed and unprimed galvanized deck to assure the primed deck covered only locations needing paint and the galvanized surface was exposed for areas requiring spray fireproofing.  The perimeter condition consisted of a complex embed system in which our pour stop needed to be detailed around.

Canam successfully delivered the material on time to a very confined jobsite in downtown Manhattan.

Area : 200,000 ft2 (18,581 m2).

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