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Stageline Group

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L'Assomption, QC, Canada

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Stageline Group


Stageline Group


Allard / Hamelin / Lalonde – Consortium d'architectes


Aubé, Gareau, ingénieurs-conseils / Breton, Banville et Associés S.E.N.C

General Contractor

Construction G lnc.


Marc Cramer


Canam Buildings services were selected for the steel structure supply and the installation of the entire envelope of this high energy-efficiency building. The new Stageline building includes offices, a manufacturing plant and a pre-production area that boasts a height of 60 ft (18 m). This construction is 69% more energy-efficient compared to standard industrial buildings that comply with model building code requirements.

This building is certified LEED with no GHG emissions. It is the 1st energy-efficient industrial building in Quebec and the 2nd in Canada. Moreover, it benefits of energy efficiency components that become cost-effective in the 5th year of operation. The Stageline building earned two Awards of Excellence in Architecture in 2009.

The building integrates several components that allow for significant energy savings:

  • High-performance windows and skylights that maximize the use of natural light.
  • Double-paned windows and curtain walls (frontage windows) coated with low-emissivity film to conserve heat and reduce infrared radiation.
  • White, interior wall facing that actively reflects light.
  • High efficiency lighting combined with an intelligent building control system.
  • Ventilated thermal panels (solar heat collectors) that preheat fresh air.
  • Ventilation units that recover heat from exhaust air.
  • Closed loop geothermal system that uses heat from the earth to feed heating and cooling systems.
  • Radiant flooring that increases the comfort of occupants and reduces peaks in energy consumption (thermal inertia of the building).
  • Ventilation and cooling systems are optimized according to alleviated energy needs resulting from other energy efficiency features.

Canam Buildings supplied Murox prefabricated load-bearing wall panels, ventilated thermal panels (VTP), joists, structural steel and steel deck.

Area: 39,500 ft2 (3,670 m2).

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