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Intersand Facility

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Windsor, CO, United States




Golden Triangle Construction, Inc.


Intersand Group Canada Inc.


Intersand, a Quebec based company, producer of high-quality litter, decided to open a new facility in Windsor, Colorado, USA.

Canam’s services were selected for the fabrication and installation of structural steel, joists, joist girders, deck and insulated metal panels.



Intersand’s new process equipment was scheduled for delivery to their new facility in January 2020, so schedule was a critical aspect. 

Canam had to design the structure while the architect was still designing the building, which required a lot of direct coordination with the architect.

The design of the process towers in the building was another challenge – Canam’s engineers had to work in parallel with the process engineers.

A tremendous amount of coordination was required by the two teams to ensure that the process equipment would fit inside the towers and be properly supported without any vibration issues from the equipment.

Area: 60,000 ft.2 (5,574 m2)



  • Joists
  • Joist girders
  • Steel deck
  • Conventional steel structure
  • Insulated Metal Panels (IMP)

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