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Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton

Project details


Calgary, AB, Canada




Quirion Métal Inc.


The City of Calgary


Gibbs Gage Architects


RJC (Jones Christoffersen Ltd.)

General contractor

Bird Construction Inc.

Steel erector

Les Structures de Beauce Inc.

Steel fabricator

Quirion Métal Inc.


Construction of the Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton located in Calgary, Alberta. Operated by the YMCA, this facility offers a mix of leisure, sports, artistic, cultural and recreational activities for individuals and families, while providing a competitive venue for Calgary’s amateur sport community. It includes a competition lane pool, ice rinks, gymnasiums, a theater, a library and a daycare center.

This Facility is the largest YMCA in the world.


  • Unique and complex connection of joists to the beam and joists to HSS profiles.
  • Multi-layer painting system required on specific parts of the joists before installation in the pool areas.
  • Requirements for paints/primers. Specifically, fabrication was completed without sharp edges or weld splatter in most areas.
  • Sealed welds over the pool and continuous welds for remainder of joists.
  • Strict inspections by the City of Calgary for full compliance to all specifications.
  • Delivered over a period of 9 months.

Area: 330,000 ft.2 (30,660 m2)


  • Joists
  • Joist girders
  • Steel deck


Awards and distinctions

2017: CISC Steel Design Awards of Excellence in Steel Construction

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