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Boa-Franc Plant Expansion

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Saint Georges, QC, Canada

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Boa-Franc S.E.N.C. et Construction Robert Aubin


Boa-Franc S.E.N.C



Steel erector

MFV Inc.

Steel fabricator



Canam’s services were selected for the design, construction and installation of the building envelope, as well as the steel structure of Plant 2 – an expansion of Boa-Franc, a hardwood flooring manufacturer located in St. Georges, QC.

The expansion of the existing 30,750 ft² (2,856 m²) building was completed by Canam in September 2018, the year of the client’s 35th anniversary. The building is made of Murox shop-fabricated load-bearing wall panels, struts, joists, joist girders, conventional steel structure, as well as a steel deck.

The installation schedule was very tight – only 6 days – which allowed to minimize productivity losses on the client’s side. The decking, as well as the interior and exterior finishing were completed in 12 days in order to be ready before the cold season.

Expansion size: 30,750 ft² (2,856 m²) 26 relocated panels for a 265` long wall.

These 30,750 ft² (2,856 m²) were added to the already existing 216,000 ft². This is the 6th phase since 2001, the year Plant 2 was built.

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