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Standard connection details

Canam is pleased to offer you the use of its standard connection details which can be downloaded in PDF or DWG format. Note that customer-supplied connection details are accepted but the use of Canam standards is highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • uniformity of fabrication details
  • faster verification of plans
  • reduced margin of error

Canam’s standard connection details must be applied as illustrated in the Documentation Center. You must inform Canam in the event any modifications are made.

Canam’s standard connection details are ranked by order of recommendation using the letters W, X, Y and Z with the letter W designating the most recommended connection detail.

The Hambro product’s standard connection details are ranked by type of structural frame or load-bearing walls. Canam also offers temporary bridging sections and additional sections. The latter can used on any type of structural frame (to be validated with the help of our engineers).

List of available connection details:

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