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Steel Deck

Steel deck is a cold formed corrugated steel sheet supported by steel joists or beams. It is used to support concrete or insulating membrane of a roof. It was developed to provide a structurally efficient product for use in roof and floor systems.

Its design and fabrication maximizes the properties of the steel in order to create a high strength-to-weight ratio, which lowers the material handling and erection costs but maintains the durability that has been proven by over 50 years of satisfactory performance.

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Despite the fact that it is a structural component, its uniform quality can offer an attractive appearance, especially with the use of properly specified shop and field applied coatings. Steel deck is also a component of many UL and ULC approved fire rated assemblies.

Shear connectors, perimeter angles — there are two main ways to transfer diaphragm forces from the steel deck to the collector beams. Learn more about the pitfalls to avoid and factors to consider when choosing a transfer method so you can facilitate your design.

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The following features differentiate the four primary types of steel deck:

Reveal Series is a suite of metal deck products that utilizes the inherent strength and aesthetic appeal of the dovetail shape to provide architectural and structural design communities a vast array of composite floor and roof deck options.

Roof and floor deck ceiling systems66


  • Combination of aesthetics and structure capacity
  • Long clear span capabilities (FM approved)
  • High fire resistance unprotected ratings (UL/ULC approved)
  • Non-penetrating load capacity hanging system
  • Smooth linear plank look
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Enhanced acoustic properties
  • Finish paint options

Roof deck products are typically used as the structural component of many flat, pitched, or arched roof systems because of their benefits with regards to strenght, weight, and economy. It is commonly attached to open web steel joists, structural steel, or light gage framing.

Aside from the standard roof deck profiles, long-span, cellular, acoustic, and cellular acoustic products are also available to meet project needs. Shop curving of some roof deck products is also available with certain radius limitations.

Steel Deck Diaphragm

The steel deck sheets used for roofs and floors provide support for gravity loads between the joists and/or beams. Once installed, these sheets can also be used as a horizontal brace, therefore, allowing the steel deck to act as a diaphragm.


By analogy, the fluted deck is equivalent to the web of a horizontal beam of which the flanges are the perimeter structural members connected to the deck. The span of that horizontal beam is defined by the distance between the vertical lateral load resisting systems connected to the deck.

The secondary elements form stiffeners for the web produced by the fluted deck. As for normal beams, the deck (web of horizontal beam) must be attached to the perimeter members (flange of horizontal beam) to ensure transfer of the shear forces.

Composite deck is designed for use with structural concrete, and is manufactured with mechanical embossments in the webs to create mechanical and chemical bond between the deck and the concrete.

The composite action allows the deck to serve as the tensile reinforcement for positive bending in the slab, which significantly reduces or eliminates the need for rebar in the slab and lowers material and labor costs.

Composite deck is designed for use with structural concrete56

The strength and durability of the steel provides a solid platform for construction on top of open web joists, structural steel, light gage framing, or masonry walls. The deck acts as a form for the concrete and is typically designed so that shoring is not required.

Cellular and cellular acoustic composite deck products are also available.

Form deck, otherwise known as stay in place form deck, is used in conjunction with structural concrete or lightweight insulating fill for floor or roof applications. Because it does not have mechanical embossments in the webs, it cannot develop composite action, and other means of reinforcement must be used in the concrete. It strictly serves as a platform for concrete or fill over open web joists, structural steel, light gage framing, or masonry walls. Venting of form deck is also available as a means of venting the concrete or fill.

It strictly serves as a platform for concrete 56

Canam has a wide variety of products for each type of steel deck to meet the needs of almost any project and make steel deck a smart and economical choice. Along with the standard SDI profiles we also offer the following specialty decks:

Long-Span (Deep) Deck

A variety of long-span decks are available for both roof and form applications. The profile depths of 4 ½ in., 6 in., and 7 ½ in. (114 mm, 152 mm et 190 mm) allow the deck to span longer distances between supports and achieve additional load capacity.






Cellular Deck

Cellular deck consists of a flat liner panel shop welded to a deck element to create a deck product that provides the strength of a corrugated deck while achieving a flat appearance from the underside. The cellular deck can be used for a roof, composite, or form deck application.






Acoustic Deck

Acoustic deck contains fiberglass insulation batts that are designed to absorb sound and prevent echoing within the space. For non-cellular deck there are perforations in the webs with fiberglass batts field installed on top of the deck in the low flutes. Cellular deck has perforations in the liner panel with the batts shop installed into the cells of the deck.









Bridge Form

Our bridge form product line consists of a variety of profiles that are typically used to form the slabs of bridges or thick slab applications. Specialty bridge accessories as well as crimped ends for some of our profiles are also available.







Custom Decks

Our 34 ft. (10 m) tandem brake, variety of roll-forming tooling, and spot welding capabilities provide the capacity to fill special deck needs. We can also provide deck profiles of different metals such as stainless steel and aluminum and with a multitude of finishes.

Steel coils are ordered in accordance with ASTM A653 for galvanized steel and A1008 for uncoated steel. Steel gages can range from 10 to 28 depending on the product, and most deck types have a yield strength of at least 33 ksi. Several deck finishes are available, the most common being galvanized (G60 (Z180) or G90 (Z275)).

The Galvanized Coating Process

The Galvanized Coating Process

Discover the galvanizing process, quality control and prevention of stain problems on the satin finish deck.

 From our Plant to your Achievement

From our Plant to your Achievement

We invite you to discover how Canam can help you materialize a project idea and add it to your achievements portfolio.

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