Reveal Series Architectural Deck


Reveal Series Architectural Deck

The architectural steel deck system that looks as good as it sounds

But don’t just take our word for it. Find out more for yourself… more about Reveal’s outstanding structural strength, the enduring appeal of its wood-inspired design, and the kind of acoustic performance that really turns up the quiet. Because Reveal Series is all that and more, an ultra-versatile decking system that you’ve got to see—and hear—to believe.

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Reveal Series is a suite of metal deck products that utilizes the inherent strength and aesthetic appeal of the dovetail shape to provide architectural and structural design communities a vast array of composite floor and roof deck options.

Roof and floor deck ceiling systems66


  • Combination of aesthetics and structure capacity
  • Long clear span capabilities (FM approved)
  • High fire resistance unprotected ratings (UL/ULC approved)
  • Non-penetrating load capacity hanging system
  • Smooth linear plank look
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Enhanced acoustic properties
  • Finish paint options

The Reveal Series.
The look of wood, the strength of steel,
the sound of silence.


Christian Deveau

Book a Lunch and Learn for a look at REVEAL and everything it can do for your projects.

Book a Lunch and Learn with Christian Deveau, our Speciality Deck Products Representative, for a look at REVEAL and everything it can do for your projects.

Course: AIA CES – RS101R
Title: A Revealing Look into the Effective Use of Dovetail Metal Decks in Roof Systems


Architecturally exposed metal deck systems are commonly used in building construction today to provide a reliable structural element that can carry loads to primary structural members and be the finished ceiling of a given environment.

This presentation prepares a designer to be able to employ dovetail metal deck profiles into projects successfully yielding a system that provides strength, serviceability and aesthetics in the built environment.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • Specify dovetail metal deck systems without oil canning in a given commercial environment;
  • Recognize the difference between how standard acoustical metal deck profiles absorb sound and how dovetail metal deck profiles absorb sound;
  • Design exposed metal deck ceilings without fasteners visibly penetrating the system;
  • Differentiate between prime painted metal deck systems and finished painted metal deck systems in a given commercial environment.