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Econox Relocatable Buildings

The Econox portable system is composed of wall panels and a pre-assembled roof, which can be erected on simple foundations, by a small crew and a light telescopic crane. This construction system allows you to install, expand or relocate buildings in only a few hours.

The Econox building is known for its sturdiness, the fast delivery and deployment, as well as for its continuous airtightness.

Ideal for:

  • Rapid building construction
  • Temporary shelters
  • Relocatable military buildings
  • Mining and forestry industries




Benefits of the Econox relocatable building

Canam Buildings offers a business solution for urgent set-up requirements:

  • Rapid deployment thanks to the prefabricated panels
  • Simple, durable and economical solution, 100% reusable
  • Easy to transport, install and relocate
  • Multifunction clear span
  • Requires only light-weight assembly equipment
  • Versatile and custom solution

image of the Econox installation


The Econox system allows delivery and installation of the building envelope to be completed in record time, providing substantial savings. A 40 ft x 60 ft (12 m x 18 m) building can be installed in 48 hours, and dismounted, relocated and reinstalled within the same week.

1. Panel Delivery
Wall and roof panels are delivered on site assembled and folded.

2. Section Opening
Sections are then unfolded by using light lifting equipment.

3. Installation on foundations
The four-panel section is placed on the foundations.
Only one day is needed to install six sections to form a 40 ft x 60 ft (12 m x 18 m) building.

4. Panel fastening
The panels are bolted together and the knee braces are attached to the panel framing.

5. Building finishing
At the end of the first day, all sections are installed.
During the second day, the end panels will be assembled and the interior caps will be sealed and installed.

Installation of the Econox building

Installation of the Econox building

View the video showing the benefits and ease of installation of the Econox building.

Resource Library

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