Elocone Nuts

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Elocone Nuts

Developed by Canam Buildings, Elocone nuts are special elongated nuts used as a corrective measure when anchor rods do not project far enough above the foundation.

These nuts are manufactured by machining a steel rod of high strength for forming the two different profiles.



The left section is similar to a standard nut and will bear on the column base plate. The one to the right has a smaller smooth diameter and is able to fit in an oversized hole on the base plate to screw on enough threads of the anchor rod installed bearing a short projection.

Elocone nuts should be referred to the anchor rods to a length equal to the diameter of the rod, to develop capacity in tension of anchor rods having an ultimate tensile strength of 1035 Pa (150 ksi).

For more information, ask our experts at 1-855-ELOCONE (356-2663).

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