Hambro Transfer Slab

transfer slab

Hambro Transfer Slab

The Strength of Composite Action

The Hambro transfer slab is a floor system that transfers the loads from the structural building frame located above the slab to the columns, walls and foundations beneath it.

This system is economical and lighter than conventional reinforced concrete slabs.

The transfer slab is composed of Hambro joists (D500 or MD2000) and Hambro joist girders that work in composite action with the concrete slab. This system is supported by fire-resistant composite columns (steel/concrete).

Our transfer slab is both fast and easy to install.



Fire resistance up to 3 hours
UL/ULC/cUL standards


Acoustical properties
STC up to 57 – ICC up tp 30


More economical than conventional
reinforced concrete slab

Designed for heavy load

Maximum duct openings

Lighter on foundation



Hambro Transfert Slab 3D


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