Hambro Composite Floor System


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Hambro Composite Floor System

For multi-residential constructions

Hambro offers owners, real estate developers and general contractors an array of structural components, including the Hambro D500 and MD2000 composite floor systems and a transfer slab system, which can be combined in order to design better adapted and more functional buildings.


As part of the Canam Group since 1971, Hambro by Canam is a brand you can trust.


Composite Floor System

 Hambro D500

Hambro MD2000

  • Utilizes reusable plywood forms
  • Utilizes steel deck as a permanent form
  • Mainly used on load-bearing wall construction
  • Ideal for multi-storey buildings consisting of conventional structural steel frame (beams and columns)
  • Allows quick accessibility for other trades after the pour
  • Enables the erection of multiple floors before pouring any concrete slabs
bouton rouge d500

bouton rouge md2000


Transfer slab

  • Composed of Hambro joists (D500 or MD2000) and Hambro joist girders
  • Supported by fire-resistant composite columns (steel/concrete)
  • Ideal for use atop underground parking levels and commercial spaces of multi-residential or mixed-use projects



See below how our products work together

Hambro products can be used on their own or integrate with other Canam components in order to form a complete Structural Building Systems for 2 to 30-storey multi-residential buildings.