Canam Forms its First Advisory Council

Canam has established an Advisory Council made up of Canam clients and managers. The members of this Council gathered for the first time during the event that took place from October 20 to 23, 2019 in Montreal.

This event is a follow-up to the Roundtable meetings that took place from mid-September to mid-October 2019. Two customers from each region were selected to participate in these meetings representing the regions from Western, Center, Eastern and Atlantic Provinces in Canada, as well as Western, Midwest, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions in the United States. This 14-member Council will work for two years on potential strategies to move the sector forward.

“We definitely want to be able to help our customers win more work and make more money with Canam. A large opportunity exists in collaborating with our customers to work out how we and our customers can become a catalyst to create efficiency in the construction process. Traditional thinking would look only within the joist, deck fabricated steel and steel erection as areas we can impact ”‚ said Tom Gilligan, President, Joists and Deck at Canam.

He added: “If we can think more comprehensively about the construction process, a much bigger opportunity presents itself. The structural steel package, inclusive of joist and deck, is a critical path to the construction process, so many other crafts and trades are dependent on what Canam and our customers can deliver. Working together we have the potential to favorably impact other crafts and trades while bringing value to the key stakeholders in the construction process.”

During this first meeting, Mr. Laurier Trudeau, Vice President of Field Operations at Abesco Ltd. was elected First Chairman of the Council by his peers. As Chairman, Mr. Trudeau will work closely with Tom Gilligan and Mike Holleran, Regional General Manager – Central Canada and Vice-President, Sales Program Support at Canam, in leading the Council members, forming meeting agendas, facilitating discussion and determining priorities.  

Canam is proud to have such great representation on this Council and extremely pleased to have Mr. Trudeau as Chairman. 

Back: Tom Gilligan, Canam; David Christensen, Drake-Williams Steel, Inc.; Brian Ritchie, Shepard Steel Co., Inc.; Tim Houtsma, Marid Industries Ltd. and Mike Holleran, Canam. Center: Laurier Trudeau, Abesco Ltd.; David Drouin, Camnor Steel Group; Tony Galvan, Panelized Structures, Inc.; Stephen J. Myers, McCombs Steel Company, Inc. and Ed Cote, Whitemud Ironworks Ltd. Front: Marc-André Dumas, Finar Steel Buildings Inc.; Roberto Trentin, Tresman Steel Industries Ltd.; Steve Arklie, RKO Steel Ltd.; Casey Stroup, Pioneer Welding & Fabrication Inc.; Brian Vandenburgh, The Structures Group, Inc. and Brian Blair, LeJeune Steel Company.