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BuildMaster is a systematic approach for speeding up construction projects by applying safety and lean principles to reduce unsafe events and waste. The system changes the way we typically consider a construction project by reducing risk, uncertainties and schedule. By being involved early from design to installation, we shorten the overall schedule compared to the traditional design-bid-build process.

Since 2010, Canam has been working on developing the BuildMaster systematic approach with a very simple goal in mind: make the construction site safe and efficient. By significantly improving industry methods, Canam has reinvented how steel components are installed and handled on-site.

Lower risk and increase predictability

The most important aspect for all is deadline compliance.

  • Schedule and budget certainty
  • Reduce contingency requirements
  • Pre-planning protocols

Accelerates the construction process

Using the BuildMaster approach, we coordinate an organized delivery of components, limiting sorting and handling and facilitating the organization of the construction site.

  • Early involvement in the design stage
  • Collaboration with project professionals
  • Improved project delivery process

Enhances jobsite safety

On the job site, intelligent delivery coordination, advances installation features and dedicated field supervision will ensure efficient and safe project execution.

  • Easier unloading procedures
  • Reduce sorting and handling on the site
  • Dedicated site supervision

Reduces inefficiencies through Lean principles

By optimizing the components and installation, projects in which Canam is involved require less handling, less equipment, less labour and less energy. Ultimately, you enjoy a more efficient project which can reduce costs significantly.

  • Just-in-time delivery of material
  • Reduced number of picks
  • Minimized field welding requirements

Those who tried it and trust it

The BuildMaster systematic approach represents a completely different solution. We have improved our products so that they are installed easily and fast, with the least manipulation possible. That’s why those who install our products never hesitate to recommend us.

We also select partners (manufacturers and steel erectors) with a degree of experience and a philosophy equal to our own to provide you with an extraordinary experience and some of them became Ambassadors.

distribution centre
1.5 million ft² distribution centre, Cornwall, ON.
Realized with the BuildMaster approach and completed 33% faster.




BuildMaster significantly improves safety for everyone on the jobsite.



BuildMaster will give you a 15-25% quicker building shell.



BuildMaster makes a positive contribution to reducing the environmental footprint of each project where it’s used.

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