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BuildMaster = Safer • Faster • Leaner

Due to its collaborative nature, and by providing for Canam’s early involvement in the building construction process, the BuildMaster approach increases the reliability of your construction project while reducing budgetary and scheduling uncertainties.

Goals: Safety and efficiency


Appreciated by owners, general entrepreneurs and developers, the BuildMaster approach offers you, among other things:

  • Building design assistance;
  • Easy and accelerated construction process;
  • Delivery according to a clear, precise and accurate schedule;
  • A highly secure worksite management process;
  • A reduction in the risks associated with your project.

This approach is now an integral part of how Canam works. Since then, we have continued to develop this approach while integrating a number of other services. Following its successful launch on hundreds of projects in Canada and the United States, this approach continues to grow in sophistication to provide our clients with a memorable experience.

1.5 million ft2 distribution centre | Cornwall, ON
Realized with the BuildMaster approach, this construction project was completed 33% faster.


In 2010, Canam implemented the BuildMaster approach with a very simple goal in mind: make the construction site safe and efficient. By significantly improving industry methods, Canam has reinvented how steel components are installed and handled on-site.

Projects realized with the approach

Working Collaboratively

Canam will get involved in your project from its preliminary design phase. The pre-construction and engineering teams will provide support and help you make the best decisions for your building’s structure and envelope. They will also help you make the most judicious selection of products and solutions according to your project’s specific characteristics.

Canam promotes team work with its expertise, by collaborating with your professionals and other partners at the earliest stages of the design process.

When needed, we can also refer you to reliable and recognized professionals who will proactively collaborate on your project, all of whom we have worked with in the past.

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Proactive risk management in health and safety;
  • Design assistance, design build value engineering;
  • Constructability review;
  • Systems analysis;
  • Virtual design and construction (BIM);
  • Strategic procurement.


Complete Project Management

At Canam, project management begins when the agreement is signed and continues throughout the pre-construction phase. This involves the immediate coordination of the entire project in order to provide you with impeccable quality, on time and on budget.

While the installation of worksite components represents the most visible and critical stage of the project, our teams will ensure the proper planning of all project phases to come. By planning and organizing every manufacturing, delivery and installation detail, we will keep worksite surprises to a minimum. We will also select partners (manufacturers and steel erectors) with a degree of experience and a philosophy equal to our own to provide you with an extraordinary experience.

Visit our Project Management section to learn more about this service.

Worksite Priority

Our meticulous coordination of worksite deliveries, value added installation characteristics and permanent supervision will ensure a safe and efficient project performance. Constant collaboration with the steel erector will ensure that all components are delivered according to the anticipated assembly plan and schedule. Sharing objectives will therefore speed up the installation of the building envelope and, above all, increase the overall reliability of worksite processes.

Too many companies in the construction industry optimize their products taking into account the needs of their manufacturing plant, rather than for those who use them on-site. At Canam, the BuildMaster approach represents a completely different solution. We have improved our products so that they are installed easily and fast, with the least manipulation possible. That’s why those who install our products never hesitate to recommend us.

Working hand in hand with experienced and qualified steel riggers, Canam ensures that on-site components are optimally assembled. Using the BuildMaster approach, we coordinate an organized delivery of components, limiting sorting and handling and facilitating the organization of the construction site.

Constant collaboration with the steel rigger will ensure that all components are delivered according to the anticipated assembly plan and schedule. Sharing objectives will therefore speed up the installation of the building envelope and, above all, increase the overall reliability of worksite processes.


Aggressive Scheduling

The most important aspect for building owners is deadline compliance. By ensuring that all partners share the same goals, Canam will make sure that everyone works together to meet all scheduling requirements.

By planning projects at the early stages and by facilitating the on-site work, Canam will help you benefit from schedules that surpass industry standards. Our experience, along with our network of partners, will allows us to contribute to the optimization of your project while ensuring that your building is completed as quickly as possible.

Tell us your needs. We’ll adapt.

Reduced ecological footprint

Canam sincerely believes that the ecological footprint of buildings can be reduced. For several years now, we have striven to make our facilities more energy-efficient, develop products that maximize the efficiency of the building envelope and turn the construction process more efficient. This is one of the reasons that motivated us to develop BuildMaster. To ensure that the impact of our construction work has the least environmental impact.

By optimizing the components and installation, projects in which Canam is involved require less handling, less equipment, less labour and less energy. Ultimately, the customer enjoys a more efficient project which can reduce costs significantly. All while having a positive impact on the environment.


Waste reduction

By optimizing the design of its components and how they are assembled, the BuildMaster approach also significantly reduces the amount of waste left on-site. This assists management of the site and limits the risk of on-the-job injuries. Although steel is 100% recyclable, the best way to reduce the ecological footprint is to reduce its use. This is what we do. We also restrict the use of all packaging materials that must be disposed of.



BuildMaster significantly improves safety for everyone on the jobsite.



BuildMaster will give you a 15-25% quicker building shell.



BuildMaster makes a positive contribution to reducing the environmental footprint of each project where it’s used.

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