Building Information Modeling


Building Information Modeling

We have incorporated digital data modeling into our service offering to better plan, design and build our clients’ construction projects.

We are now able to receive all standard file formats in order to facilitate coordination and information exchange and thus move forward towards a collaborative environment.



Level of development required for your building project

We have developed a conversion tool, which analyzes the models received and converts them into Revit native structural elements.

LOD 300 image in 3D modeling

The model of your building project must have an LOD 300, which means accurate modeling of members, elevations, orientations and quantities. However, there is no need to wait for connections to be implemented, the modeling of the building frame is sufficient to begin.



A preset frequency for receiving files with the client will allow the model to evolve accordingly.


Benefits infographic modeling advantages


Better revision management

All throughout the project, the reception of your files will become an asset for everyone. Since revisions are common in our field, the tool will automatically detect changes originating from a new file, thus managing it faster.

icône ampoule The BIM360 and Trimble Connect platforms are allies allowing our customers to see the model evolve and view changes between versions.


icône ampoule You can download or watch the procedure for creating your IFC files from Tekla Structures or SDS2. A simple SMLX export is required for Advance Steel and your model for Revit.


Export procedure



Procedure for creating IFC files from Tekla Structures


Procedure for creating IFC files from SDS2


Parametric Objects

Incorporate Canam Buildings parametric objects in your future design projects

To facilitate the creation and design of your projects, we offer Canam Buildings products as parametric objects (Revit families), downloadable from our library of parametric objects. These objects are compatible with the building design software Autodesk Revit.