Insufficient anchor projection: what are the available solutions?



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Have you ever had to deal with certain specific unforeseen circumstances on a construction site, namely the insufficient length of anchor rods? The concrete foundation might be poured, but there’s no way to erect and connect the building’s columns. 

How do you deal with such an impossible situation without incurring unexpected expenses and disrupting your schedule? The solution lies in a relatively unknown piece of hardware: the Elocone nut. This article will provide you with an overview of the available options to help you make an informed decision.

Chemical anchors or rod lengthening? 

It’s not uncommon to have to deal with errors on a construction site: misread or poorly executed plans, changes in the thickness of steel connectors without proper communication, failure to coordinate materials, etc. These unexpected events almost inevitably disrupt the schedule.


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The inability to erect the columns forces everyone to go back to the drawing board to find a solution as quickly as they can. These two well-known options are often considered in this type of situation.

A. Chemical anchors. Installed once the concrete has been poured, these new anchors are drilled and fixed to the concrete using an epoxy adhesive. Since these new anchors are unlikely to match the cast-in-place anchors, the project will require an engineering drawing and corrective adjustments to the connection between the column and the foundation. If not properly executed, this correction can weaken the building’s anchoring capacity.

Not to mention that temperatures affect the installation of chemical anchors: cold weather significantly increases their setting time (e.g., -23 °C = 36h setting time, thus delaying the execution.

B. Rod lengthening. Do you have an extension part, additional rod and extra bolt on hand to adjust each rod that lacks adequate projection? 

This solution not only depends on material availability but also takes longer to execute, as the various necessary parts may take too long to machine and be shipped to the job site. Moreover, their length may be difficult to adjust. 

Fortunately, there are more than just these two options.

Elocone nuts and projection correction: a winning combo!

For projects involving steel structures and the installation of columns attached to concrete foundations, Elocone nuts can replace standard nuts on anchor rods with insufficient projection. 

As you know, all threads must be engaged on the anchor rod for a nut to be installed properly. The top of the anchor rod should normally be at the same level as or exceed the top of the nut; otherwise, the tensile capacity is compromised, and the threads may strip.

The innovative design of Elocone nuts allows the threads to engage even when they sit below the surface of the plate washer. In addition, the Elocone nut’s outside diameter fits the oversized holes recommended in steelwork. As a result, you only need to have access to a minimum amount of thread on the anchor rod: a thread height corresponding to the gross diameter of the anchor is sufficient. To connect the column, simply add the Elocone nut and an appropriate support plate. That’s about it!



The advantages of Elocone nuts 

1. They simplify problem resolution 

If you’re faced with insufficient projection, there’s no need to go back to the drawing board to make repair sketches, remeasure anchor rod adjustments and weigh the pros and cons of your options. Canam will handle this technical part of the job, regardless of our involvement in your project.

Just give us a call with the dimensions, bolt diameter, steel grade, plate washer configuration and thickness so we can find the right size for your needs.


2. They reduce installation time

Steel erectors can install Elocone nuts quickly and easily. No need to drill holes in concrete, pour epoxy, repair steel plates, wait for chemical anchors to set or order multiple extension parts.

This solution’s main advantage lies in its simplicity. It allows you to solve your anchoring problem with only two parts: an Elocone nut and its plate washer. The result? Your labour force isn’t tied up in complicated procedures, and the work can get back on track. 

What if we don’t carry your required size in our inventory of specialty nuts? No need to worry; we can usually produce Elocone nuts faster than any other alternatives on the market. The bottom line is that you save time!

3. They minimize adjustment costs

In the end, other solutions require more of your valuable time — from design to installation, including research and calculations. Whichever way you look at it, all this leads to additional expenses.

Although some delays and surcharges are inevitable, there’s always a way to minimize them. That’s why it’s important to choose a solution that’s easy to install.

Rely on innovative solutions that make your job easier 

Whether Canam is involved in your construction project or not, Elocone nuts can help you achieve your goals. Suitable for the multi-residential, institutional, commercial and industrial sectors, these corrective elements offer the ideal solution, even if they’re not as popular as they should be. 


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