An unusual discovery on a construction site


A Canam-Buildings’ project, currently underway in Boston, Massachusetts, had to temporarily halt the operations due to the discovery of a shipwreck apparently dating from the 19th century by the building team last May.

A 50 ft (15.2 m) long wooden ship from probably the 1800s was sleeping 25 ft (7.6 m) into the ground! According to archaeologists’ hypothesis, the ship was either stuck in a mudflat at low tide or could have washed up there after a storm. Moreover, it seems she was carrying barrels of lime for masonry or construction as wood, nails, lime and metal pieces were found on board of the wreck.

WorkSite Boat

The general contractor Skanska took the decision to halt the construction for a few days to let archaeologists examine and collect artifacts on the 121 Seaport Boulevard site, where a 400,000 ft2 (37,161 m2) building is under construction with Canam joists. A decision that was much appreciated by the City of Boston considering the importance of this discovery and given the delay and the costs for Skanska with the halt of the construction.

A historical discovery that will be talked about in the area!

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