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The BuildMaster philosophy aims at continuously improving our products and services as well as enhancing safety and the speed of erection of the structure on the job site.


Examples of what BuildMaster can achieve:

  • From a design point of view, BuildMaster’s philosophy can lead to solutions like bundled bridgings, bolted shoes and waterproof drawings.
  • From a product perspective, it can lead to tied joist bundles, sequentially ordered joist bundles, bolted final seat connection… and many more.


What’s in it for you, our client?

BuildMaster improves safety while reducing erection time. It saves time and money by engineering out risk and inefficiencies through simplified communication, real-time data connectivity, as well as enhanced jobsite organization.




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Canam Joists & Deck: From our Plant to your Achievement

Canam Joists & Deck: From our Plant to your Achievement

Resource Library

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  • Marystown Case Study
  • Totem Building Supplies Case Study
  • Values Tracking Case Study


The BuildMaster approach by Canam is the direction that the industry should be going. "
Laurier Trudeau, VP of Field Operations, Abesco
I am the biggest fan of BuildMaster [...] Night and day! It should be the industry standard. "
Brock Adams, Co-owner, Okanagan Erectors
BuildMaster is the Q-Tips, it is the Tupperware of joists out there. When you say BuildMaster, my first thought is coordination, and I think of safety and efficiency. "
Aaron Manning, Regional Field Manager, Whitemud Ironworkers