Green Building

The durability of steel

From concept to implementation, our certified Canam Buildings experts, LEED experts can assist you in your efforts to build a green building. They can offer you the best solutions and products to meet your needs. The concepts of green buildings, sustainable development and LEED certified buildings are increasingly present in the industry and Canam Buildings is aware that it must offer its clients solutions for sustainable construction.

There are many advantages of steel in construction of green buildings including, but not limited to:

  • Strength
  • Weight efficiency
  • Recycling
  • Reuse

Also, by combining well with concrete, wood and glass, steel offers countless possibilities in different forms and complex assemblies. It is therefore highly valued as a material by architects for the aesthetic design of a building, regardless of the architectural style of the project.

Sustainable development and environmental protection are important to Canam Buildings

Several initiatives have already been undertaken in this direction. On the one hand, the steel and paint we use are products containing high levels of recycled content. Furthermore, we participate in the recovery of our waste, largely recycling paint and fully recycling steel.

Reduced ecological footprint

Canam Buildings sincerely believes that the ecological footprint of buildings can be reduced. For several years now, we have sought to make our facilities more energy-efficient, and to develop products that maximize the efficiency of the building envelope and make the construction process more efficient.

Less time, less energy

By optimizing the components and installation, projects in which Canam Buildings is involved require less handling, less equipment, less labor and less energy. Ultimately, the customer enjoys a more efficient project which can reduce costs significantly. All while having a positive impact on the environment.

Waste reduction

This assists management of the site and limits the risk of on-the-job injuries. Although steel is 100% recyclable, the best way to reduce the ecological footprint is to reduce its use. This is what we do. We also restrict the use of all packaging materials that must be disposed of.