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“In this period of growing concern, we make it our duty to ensure the continuity of all our operations while respecting our priorities: preserving the health and safety of our colleagues and their families while contributing to the success of our business partners”.


Marc Dutil
President and CEO
Canam Group




Dear partners, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affects us all.

In this regard, we would like to share with you the efforts that Canam is taking, as well as the new regulations that will be required on our sites. These measures are intended to complement the measures that may be required from you by the general contractor or owner.


During this uncertain period our decisions will be made by keeping in mind two clear and non negotiable

  • Our first priority is the health and safety of our colleagues.
  • Our second priority is the continuity of service towards our clients and partners as they depend on us to take care of their own employees and clients.



In order to ensure that these objectives are achieved, we count on your collaboration. Please notify your site employees of the new measures that are implemented immediately:

  • Social distancing
    At least 2M (6.5 feet) between fellow workers must be maintained at all times, whenever it’s feasible – In case two or more present at site or in EWP, the worker is to wear a 3M mask or visors as required.

  • Common areas (site trailer, etc.)
    Lunch Room: Staggered lunch hours limited to 8 people at a time to disinfect before and after each session.

  • Tools
    Avoid sharing tools as much as possible, all tools stored together will be cleaned before they are put away every night using disinfection solutions such as Lysol or a solution of bleach and water by spraying them.

  • Equipment (boom, forklift, etc.)
    Equipment to be cleaned up before and after utilization by the operator.

  • Site Stand Up
    Morning stand up is now mandatory to keep communication open between supervisors and workers. Social distancing will need to be respected.

  • Documentation (Employees checklist, JHA’s, etc.)
    Workers need to wash their hands before signing any shared documents whether paper or electronic format. If not, each crew is to send the paperwork electronically to the foreman to send to Canam site Management.

  • Posters
    Additional information on Covid-19, hand-washing, prevention are posted in the site trailer and common area.



  • If you are in any way sick, including a minor cold or cough, stay home
  • If you have been in contact with people that have travelled outside Canada or the USA in the last fourteen days, stay home, allowing a fourteen days quarantine
  • Over and above the mandated PPE, we suggest gloves be worn by workers at all times while onsite
  • DO NOT use offices for subtrade meetings or safety orientations. Choose one on one meetings or meetings outside at a safe distance or, the preferred option, via the company conference call line



COVID-19 Infection Prevention Protocol



Site access and symptoms control

Limit the number of physical accesses and control the symptoms at points of entry. Infrared thermometers should be used as soon as they become available.

If an employee has symptoms of fever (38 degrees C and above) combined with a cough, the access to our facility must be denied. Mandatory isolation conditions must be presented to the employee.

If an employee, once his or her shift has started, shows symptoms of COVID-19, the foreman must follow the decision tree and take the necessary actions. Link to Decision Flowchart (coming soon)



2-meter physical distancing

The workstations layout, rest rooms and changing rooms must allow employees to comply with the instructions for a physical distance of 2 meters. Marking of the distances to be respected (e.g. X on the ground under the chairs) in common areas must be followed.



Segregation of work teams

Limit as much as possible the number of employees in the same work area. Put in place rules for sector containment by ensuring that employees in the same sector have access to dedicated washrooms and a break room.

The different shifts must be sufficiently spaced out in time to prevent employees from 2 different shifts from meeting in the workplace. Disinfection of frequently touched common surfaces is recommended between shifts.



Isolated work

While we want to ensure a physical distance from our staff, we must ensure that the risks associated with working alone are well controlled.



Hand hygiene

Require hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds when arriving at the workplace, before and after breaks, before and after eating, and at every visit to the washroom.



Receiving and shipping materials

Truckers arriving from outside, regardless of their provenance, must report to the access station and remain in their cabs at all times, even when unloading or loading the truck. The procedure for reception of truckers must be clearly communicated to them and posted at the access point.



Download the document (coming soon)


On-Going Situation

We will continue to monitor the situation closely with local and government authorities. We will
adjust our intervention plan accordingly. We will provide updates and advice as needed.

If you or a member of your organization have questions about any of the precautions we take, please contact me or your primary Canam contact for further discussion.

In the meantime, we appreciate your collaboration in implementing the above protocols, and continue to progress on our sites. These measures apply to all of our Canam sites. The efforts and rigor of all will be necessary in order to make these measures effective.

Let’s work together to stop the progression of the COVID-19. In this sense, sharing methods and protocols can only help. If you have suggestions or have implemented other preventive measures within your company, please share them with us.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in ensuring the health and safety of all staff and those around you.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions,

Benoit Leclair
Health and Safety Manager, Field Relations





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