Our Quality Commitment

Canam Buildings offers an integrated quality approach

Our quality control standards exceed those of the industry and we are continually improving our manufacturing processes to surpass our customers’ requirements. There is a reason why we are the largest fabricator of joists and steel deck in Canada and why our products have been used successfully in many building construction projects in North America.

Canam Buildings professional, qualified personnel is committed to maintaining a high level of quality and providing our customers only reliable, durable, high-performance products, with a mastery of the latest Canadian and U.S. standards.

Without Compromise

Over the years, we have established very strict quality standards. All of our welders, as well as our quality assurance inspectors and technicians, are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), which certifies that they have the knowledge required to meet the specific requirements of each of the welds performed and guarantees a consistent level of quality.

Canam Buildings has developed and implemented a structured, efficient quality management system and adheres to stringent quality standards. Canam Buildings quality inspectors perform visual checks on all welded joints.

Our factories hold certifications from various organizations, depending on the market and applicable government standards, including:

Our certifications