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A unique customer experience

For Canam Buildings, construction is first and foremost a matter of human relations. Our construction products and solutions are the result of the expertise and experience developed by our team for over 60 years. This experience and professionalism are the pride of all those contributing to the company’s reputation. In addition, each construction project is conceived in a spirit of close collaboration and constant communication with our clients.

All Canam employees work daily to ensure that our construction activity has a positive impact on the world around us.

The exceptional quality of our products, our integrity, our customers’ satisfaction, our mutual trust within the company and with our partners, our concern for on-site safety, and the absolute respect for environmental standards that is what Canam means by “Build Differently”.

The pursuit of a better customer experience66

The strength of a group

Canam Buildings is an enterprise of Canam Group, a manufacturing company that has specialized in designing construction solutions and custom manufacturing products since 1961.

Canam Group participates in construction projects in three areas of activity:

  • Buildings
  • Structural steel
  • Bridges

The steel components marketed by our business units are manufactured in the eleven plants located in North America (and employs over 3,150 people in Canada, the United States, Romania, Philippines and India) that under the wing of the Canam Group Manufacturing Division.

These plants have a total area of 1,954,115 sq. ft. (181 535 m2) with an annual production capacity reaching 387,500 tons.


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