Each construction project is planned in a spirit of close collaboration and relationship with our customers and business partners. That is why we offer construction solutions adapted to the requirements of your projects.

Hambro Composite Floor System

The Hambro D500 composite floor system, girdersĀ and a composite slab transfer can be combined to conceive it more appropriate and functional multi-residential buildings.

Murox Prefabricated Steel Building

Canam’s Murox building system is the most efficient design-build solution on the market today for the construction of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. The Murox building system, which comprises the building envelope, structural steel components, roof, doors and windows, provides unique advantages.

Econox Relocatable Building

The Econox prefabricated buildings offer an effective solutions to the challenges of fast development and relocation.

Joists and Joist Girders

Canam specializes in the manufacture of steel joists and joists girders in a variety of shapes and sizes tailored to the structural challenges of your building projects.

Steel Deck

Expert in the fabrication of steel roof and floor deck, Canam offers a vast array of this product in North America.

Purlins and Girts

Canam manufactures or fabricates purlins and girts, a line of complementary products to structural steel used primarily in walls and roofs of a buildings. All Canam purlins and girts are cold-extruded using high-strength steel to minimize weight while maximizing capacity of each section.

Welded Wide-Flange (WWF)

Canam offers a variety of structural solutions to optimize the construction of your building. Canam welded wide-flange shapes (WWF) are sections manufactured from welded steel plates and used as beams, columns and overhead crane tracks.

Elocone Nuts

Developed by Canam, Elocone nuts are special elongated nuts used as a corrective measure when anchor rods do not project far enough above the foundation.

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